Another term ends

Week 10 is upon us, and last Thursday’s event marked the end of this term for Think Tank.

We’d especially like to thank Dr Jane Grenville, the University’s Deputy-Vice-Chancellor, for her attendance at last week’s policy lab on free speech. She presented a moving and passionate defence of free expression and reassured us that the University is not going to clamp down on free speech on campus. Equally, she reminded us of the importance to conduct debate openly and responsibly, by backing up what we say and questioning everything, but doing so in an inquisitive and respectful manner. It was great to have an official representative from the University take the time to come and discuss with students in an informal manner, and to engage with a political society on campus and to reaffirm that a University is a place to have one’s biases and beliefs challenged, albeit in a non-aggressive manner. We hope that we can look forward to seeing more appearances and collaborations with University staff in the future.

We’d also like to thank anyone else who came to any of our events this term and participated in discussion. We hope to see you again next term, and look forward to welcoming new additions to the Think Tank community. In Week 2 next term, we’ll be having our yearly elections. Any paid member can stand for any position (and if you’re not paid up, you can pay on the door), and we’ll be saying goodbye to the old committee and welcoming in the new.

There is an ongoing research project that will resume next term, and there will be, as always, more opportunity to get involved with Think Tank, whether that’s coming to our events or taking part in research.

It’s been a great term, and we look forward to an even better one after Easter.