2015 General Election Polling


Find the report and graphs here: GE2015PollingReport This is the first and only General election polling conducted on University of York Students by students for the 2015 General elections. The research has been conducted by the York Student Think Tank, a student society which aims to provide a forum for students to discuss, divise and research policy. We conduct a number of research and consultation projects each year in addition to weekly policy labs. This research project was devised and run by the Devolution, Identity & Engagement Research team (Richard Crawshaw, Kyle Knights & Hayley Ramshay). For any queries or further information please email thinktank@yusu.org

Executive Summary:

  • 255 Home students studying at York University surveyed between the 18th of January & 1st March
  • 147 females (58%) and 105 males (42%) with a mean age of 20.7
  • 76% of respondents were registered to vote
  • Voting Intentions: Green 30%  Lab 28% Con 17% Lib Dem 7% UKIP 3% DK 8% None of the above 4%
  • Do you think the UK Should remain a member of the EU: Yes 78% No 9% DK 7% Indifferent 6%
  • Can you name your local MP? Yes 64% No 31% DK 5%
  • Do you feel your vote counts? V Strongly 9% Strongly 40% Not Very 35% Not at all 7% DK 9%
  • How politically engaged do you feel? V Strongly 16% Strongly 49.4% Not Very 21.1% Not at all 1.6% DK 11.7%
  • Do you feel there is a North/South divide? Yes 90% No 5% DK 5%
  • How likely are you to vote in the General Election? V Likely 82% Likely 11% Unlikely 2% V Unlikely 2% DK 3%

Find the report and graphs here: GE2015PollingReport Press Release: GE2015YSTTPollingResultsPressRelease