York Student Think Tank Sexual Harassment Consultation Report

This year, we worked on a consultation exploring the prevalence of Sexual Harassment on Campus. Our consultation team surveyed more than 200 students, conducted four focus groups and interviewed key figures on campus. For further information or queries, please contact thinktank@yusu.org YSTT11

 Executive Summary

  • 51.62% of students and 37.14% of staff stated that they have experienced sexual harassment according to the definition we worked with
  • Female students were disproportionately affected given that 64.19% of female student respondents and 21.57% of male student respondents stated they experienced sexual harassment.
  • Half of female staff respondents stated that they experienced sexual harassment, whereas 2/10 of male staff respondents said that they had experienced sexual harassment.
  • 85.26% of the aggressors were identified as male by students, while only 12.18% were identified as female.
  • The most common type of sexual harassment, according to students, are “unwanted physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct of a sexual nature”, which was experienced by  65.58% of respondents. Staff members stated “unwanted conduct on the ground of their sex” as the most common type of sexual harassment, experienced by 58.33% of respondents.
  • Out of 116 student respondents, only 2 stated that they had reported sexual harassment incidents, and out of 10 staff members, 2 have reported it.
  • 84.34% of students who had suffered from sexual harassment responded stating they had experienced cases of sexual harassment during student nights out in town, while 50% of the staff members who had experienced it stated it happened on campus during daytime.
  • 72.02% of student respondents and 78.57% of staff members who responded stated that they did not know whether the university is efficient in dealing with cases of sexual harassment, which highlights the lack of awareness and information on the matter.


  • Centralised Database: the university should compile and centralise data and statistics on sexual harassment.
  • Education and Awareness:  the university populace needs educating on the university’s definition, policies, and procedures on sexual harassment.
  • Raising the profile of harassment advisor’s:
  • Introduction of harassment diaries
  • Expanding the key contacts scheme

Consultation team:

Team Leader: Adela Alexandra Iacobov Team Members: Maisie Cook, Francesca Pieczarka, Clara Riegler, Brandon Shaw, Gobind Singh, Grace Eleanor Stamate Editor: Siobhan Lyons Head of Consultations: Zain Mahmood You can find the full report here: Sexual Harassment Report For a Press release, featuring graphs and quotes click here: SH press release