15 Reasons to join the York Student Think Tank

  1. We’re regular students- not experts. You don’t have to know anything about the subject before you show up to an event. There is no expectation on you to be an expert in a topic, feel free to turn up, listen to some great presentations, a few stimulating discussions and when you’re ready, join the discussion.


2. Our events, research and consultations are driven by our members. Last year we had students present on whistleblowing, the situation in Egypt, the Hong Kong protests and ethical medical procurement in the NHS. In addition, if there is something that you want to research, then just tell us! We can provide teams, assistance and other resources to help you research your topic.


3. We won society of the year award in June, in recognition of our very busy and very successful year. So come along and be a part of “The Society of the Year” (possibly decade…).


4. Membership is only £4 for a whole year -that’s the cost of a half-pint (or a sandwich) in London, but remember that Think Tank won’t leave you or your liver worse off the day after.

5. Our ethos. We’re all about being open, inclusive, friendly, evidence based debate and research.

6. We’re a great boost to your CV. Being part of an active intellectual community also gives a great boost to your CV; you can present, debate, research, write and much more. All are skills that can help you post-university in your search for careers or postgrad courses.

37. We have an award-winning mixture of presentations, guest speakers and panel debates. You’ll hear from speakers on a whole range of issues. Our party politics election debate in October was a huge success, and we hope to have many more events like it. We also have some really interesting events lined up for autumn term, so stay tuned!

8. You won’t find our policy-lab format anywhere else. Our weekly policy labs begin with a short but informative presentation on a topic, then we break away into smaller groups and attempt to create a policy.

49. We’re not just about debating and research, we like to socialise. Our legendary post-event bar visits. Our drinks sessions give you the chance to meet the committee and like minded students. Natter about politics, Uni or any other subject that takes your fancy. Here is the opportunity to forward your ideas, propose events or just chill out.

610. You remember the £4 we were talking about earlier? That gets you access to consultation groups, research projects, all events, drinks sessions (drinks not included!) and some of the best discussion on campus.

11. We attract students from all subjects; worried that you will be swamped with Politics students? Or surrounded by Historians? Well, at the Think Tank we have a membership base spanning humanities, sciences and even post-grads. So if you want to meet people from beyond the gloomy confines of your lecture theatre, look no further.


12. We publish our own annual journal, which gives all you budding policy writers out there the opportunity to have a policy paper of yours bound and published. Being involved with the journal can give you experience researching and writing, which will come in handy when it comes to essay/exam season!



13. Our work has been featured in the national press. Our consultations and research projects have been mentioned in the Guardian.  Our members have written about their experiences of the society for the Guardian and other national papers.

9214. We’ve featured extensively in on-campus media and the local paper. By being part of our events, discussions, consultations and reports you can gain the recognition that your hard work deserves.


15. Our research has an impact. Our on campus consultations have helped the Students Union and the University gain a student insight into issues on campus. Our research has been name-dropped on Twitter by think tanks, charities and even Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader.

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