Committee Elections!

It’s that time of year again! Think Tank are having our committee elections!

Think Tank offers a wide range of interesting ways to get involved and our alumni have gone on to careers in the Civil Service, Government, Charities and Political Research. Don’t worry if you haven’t been involved in think tank before, we’re interested in the direction you want to take think tank in.

If you have any questions about the elections, roles or event feel free to get in touch with any of the committee, or via email at

You can find our event on facebook here:

We’ll have a float on the night for membership (£4) or you can buy membership online at

On the night, each candidate will be given 1 minute to pitch their plan for the role! Once all candidates for each position have pitched, we’ll open the floor to a few questions and proceed to a vote!

If you’re unable to attend, but still want to run, then please send a written pitch to and it will be read out on your behalf.

Role Descriptions:

The Chair is the executive of Think Tank, responsible for overseeing all the actions of the other committee members, as well as being the face of the society on campus. The job consists of organising committee meetings, providing direction for the society, organising consultations and research and generally taking on a managerial role with respect to the society. This year’s chair was Richard Crawshaw.

Vice Chair
The Vice-Chair is the Chair’s deputy, and assists the rest of the Committee in performing their roles, so as to help the society run smoothly and efficiently. They have a significant hand in the direction for the society. They will be tasked with things that don’t quite fall into the rest of the Committee’s portfolios. They also act as secretary on the official YUSU documentation, so as to be a signatory. This year’s Vice-Chair was Clara Riegler.

Head of Events
The Events officer is responsible for organising all of Think Tank’s weekly policy labs on campus, and takes a lead role in organising panel and speaker events. This includes booking rooms, finding speakers, and co-ordinating events with other societies to facilitate co-operation and to make sure there are as few clashes as possible. This year’s head of events was Ellis Byrne.

Head of Consultations
The Head of Consultations organises research projects that involve working closely with students at the University to find out their perspective on key issues, and then provide policy recommendations. This year, for example, one of big consultations were on mental health and sexual harassment. It can involve directing research personally, or taking a managerial role after recruiting and prepping consultation teams. The year’s Head of Consultations were Maisie Cook & Gobind Singh.

Head of Research
Similar to Consultations, the Head of Research is in charge of Think Tank’s more general research projects, which may or may not involve policy recommendations, and are generally shorter than consultations. This can involve running research projects, or recruiting and prepping research teams. This year’s Head of Research was Hannah King.

Paper Publicity Officer
The Press and Publicity Officer(s) will be responsible for making Think Tank a visible presence on campus. This includes making sure events are known about and, more generally, raising awareness of what we do. This year’s Press and Publicity Officers was Lana Yahya.

Social Media Officer
The Social Media Officer is the Press and Publicity Officer’s online counterpart. They are responsible for updating the Think Tank blog, Twitter and Facebook, and for raising awareness of events through the Internet rather than on campus itself. This year’s Social Media Officer was Monica Saiz-Miranda.

The Editor compiles Think Tank’s yearly journal, which is published at the end of Summer Term. The Editor is responsible for finding topics and authors for think tanks weekly column in Nouse, as well as editing any document produced by the society for distribution. The editor will also maintain Think Tank’s website and blog. This year’s Editor was Siobhan Lyons.

Ordinary Member
They will be tasked with getting input from the society’s non-Committee members, and using this feedback to suggest ideas and areas of improvement for the society as a whole. They will be a full committee member with specific roles which will change as appropriate, working with other committee members. We recommend this role to those who want to take on a lesser commitment and get to know how the Think Tank works before committing more. This year’s Ordinary Member was Ethan Savage.