An Update from York Student Think Tank

Hi everyone! We want to apologise for not being very communicative with you all, over the past couple weeks. The society has been undergoing a substantial reorganisation following the committee transition earlier this year but we’re now ready to share our plans for the society with you all.

First, we’re going to be hosting a variety of speaker and policy lab events next term, and we’ll have a schedule for you in the near future. Second, we want to rebuild the think tank community by hosting socials with other student societies. Third, we’re looking to re-establish the think tank’s research capabilities and our Head of Consultations Michaela is looking for interesting ideas for articles and research projects.

Lastly, we want to make York Student Think Tank the country’s best think tank, and to do that we want to assemble an excellent team in time for the next academic year, so be on the lookout for elections and other opportunities in the future.

We’re planning on hosting a social before the end of this term, and we’ll have more details about that soon. Otherwise we can’t wait to meet you all and spend the rest of this year making York Student Think Tank one of the best societies on campus.