15 Reasons to join the York Student Think Tank

  1. We’re regular students- not experts. You don’t have to know anything about the subject before you show up to an event. There is no expectation on you to be an expert in a topic, feel free to turn up, listen to some great presentations, a few stimulating discussions and when you’re ready, join the discussion.


2. Our events, research and consultations are driven by our members. Last year we had students present on whistleblowing, the situation in Egypt, the Hong Kong protests and ethical medical procurement in the NHS. In addition, if there is something that you want to research, then just tell us! We can provide teams, assistance and other resources to help you research your topic.


3. We won society of the year award in June, in recognition of our very busy and very successful year. So come along and be a part of “The Society of the Year” (possibly decade…).


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