Mental Health Services & Attitudes on campus




You can find the full report here: Mental Health Report

This year, we worked on a consultation exploring the Mental Health services and attitudes on campus. Our consultation team surveyed 359 students, conducted a series focus groups and interviewed key figures on campus. For further information or queries, please contact

Executive Summary:

  • 59.94% of survey respondents felt they had suffered from a mental health problem
  • 37% of survey respondents felt that the university does not do a good job at dealing with mental health issues
  • Over half of Nightline, The Student Support Hub, York Mind and Walk-in Centres users felt they had not benefited from the service
  • Around 75% of survey respondents felt that they knew the symptoms for depression, OCD and anxiety but only 40% knew the symptoms for body dysmorphic disorder
  • 101 responded to the question about which services they had used – 83 had used the Open Door Team, 60 had used the University Health Centre and 22 had used Nightline. Many had used multiple services.
  • 30.79% of survey respondents had made use of university mental health services
  • The majority of people surveyed or participating in focus groups believed that there is a stigma attached to mental health
  • Problems with waiting times for Open Door Team were revealed in our survey, with 31.1% (a majority) of respondents having to wait 2 weeks for appointments as well as comments in the survey, focus groups and interviews
  • 68.72% of survey respondents disagreed with the statement that they knew the university’s mental health policies
  • 35.09% of survey respondents disagreed with the statement that they would know where to go if they needed help for their mental health issues during term time
  • The problem of after-care was brought out throughout the survey
  • Many participants in our survey and focus groups felt that academic staff were not able to support them sufficiently


  • Increased Education: Educate students and staff on how to identify problems and where to seek help from
  • Open Door Team Recommendations: A new comprehensive website which enables students to find centralised information about what the service is for
  • More Centralised system: Services should be advertised from a central point, in order to enable students to find the most appropriate service
  • Pop-up safe place on campus: enable students to talk to professionals in a safe, informal setting
  • Complaint Mechanism: Students should be able to provide feedback on services, in order to aid the university in improving services
  • Supervisor Training: Supervisors and key academic staff should be trained in how to signpost students to the appropriate services

Consultation team:

Team Leader: Hannah King

Team Members: James Humpish, Kris Kim, Maddy Tickell

Editor: Siobhan Lyons

Head of Consultations: Zain Mahmood

For a Press release, featuring graphs and quotes click here: MH Press-Release